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How to Use LinkedIn Message Ads to Get Into People’s Inboxes

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How to Use LinkedIn Message Ads to Get Into People’s Inboxes

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Want to guarantee your message makes it into your prospects’ LinkedIn in-boxes? Are you familiar with LinkedIn Message Ads?

LinkedIn Ads expert AJ Wilcox explains how to set up LinkedIn Message Ads (AKA Sponsored InMail.) You’ll get tips for composing an offer for in-boxes and discover the one-factor successful Message Ads share.

You’ll also learn how to deliver a Message Ad on behalf of someone in your company, and how to personalize your ad with dynamic custom fields.

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00:00 Intro
00:35 When to Use LinkedIn Message/Sponsored InMail Ads
01:34 Dynamic attributes for LinkedIn Message/Sponsored InMail Ads
02:10 Setting Up a LinkedIn Message/Sponsored InMail Ads Campaign
02:40 Audience Targeting
04:40 Bidding and Budget, Campaign Naming Convention
05:55 LinkedIn Message/Sponsored InMail Ad Copy and Creative

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